Jay-Z Earns $9Million In Two Weeks Of Touring

Billboard Boxscore made a recent tally of 2010’s top grossing shows thus far, and Jay-Z Blueprint3 tour took eight of the top 35 spots. Of the eight, Jiggaman’s best selling show closed out at #10 overall after it grossed $1,322,831.

To give some added perspective on how much an artist can make in two weeks of touring, Jay-Z’s tour, which featured Jeezy and Trey Songz, grossed a total of $9,731,218 between march 11-24. Hov’s recent deal with concert giant Live Nation, who famously signed him to a “360 deal” worth a reported $150 Million, and also organized his 2008 tour with Mary J Blige, which grossed $34.5 Million, is likely responsible for the rapper’s high live performance profits.

“With everything else going on in his career, maybe he hadn’t focused on tours as much as he could have,” a Live Nation VP told Billboard. “But we always knew he was amazing live artist and the kind of artist we could work with to get to where we needed to be on the live side.”

Jay-Z is Killin it out there with the touring and guess what it not over, check the blog for more date’s or check to see when he’s in your City!! 😀

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