Betty White Shows Jay-Z Some Love

With Jay-Z on music duties and Betty White hosting, we’re mere days away from the best ‘Saturday Night Live’ bill in recent memory. As we’ve noted, the duo is an odd fit for the show’s May 8 Mother’s Day episode. Now, in order to make us even more excited, the 88-year-old White has come out to reveal her love for Hov.

“Oh, I’m thrilled to meet him, thrilled that he’s going to be on the show because he’s the hottest thing since sliced bread,” said White (no joke) when asked about her opinions on Jay-Z. “I will certainly enjoy him; I hope that we get along well.”

We’re sure they will get along just fine! Actually, Beyonce better keep her eye out. In the first promo for White’s appearance, she takes on the rumor that she is a cougar and always dating younger men.

“Do you know they call me a cougar and they say I’m dating a young hottie?” she says to the camera as a buff young man in a white tank top appears behind her. “Not true — I married him!”

There’s no word on what Jay-Z will perform yet, but we will definitely throw out the suggestion for getting a Betty White feature on ‘Young Forever.’

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