Shawty Lo Say He Predicted Jay-Z’s Success, “He’s My Favorite Rapper Of All- Time”

Southern rapper Shawty Lo recently revealed that his favorite rapper of all-time is Jay-Z and that he knew the mogul would dominate hip-hop in the late 1990’s.

Shawty also said he related to Jay’s music from his early hustling days.

“My favorite rapper of all-time is Jay-Z,” Lo revealed in an interview. “Like, when I was coming out, when I first started listening to him, I would listen to his first album, I started listening to Jay-Z around the Hard Knock Life and was like, ‘D*mn, that dude got some real sh*t.’ I said it sounded like he was rapping about me because I was heavy the streets, doing what I do. And I just felt like he was talking about me and I used to tell my friends, they used to be listening to other stuff and I used to say, ‘This man right here is gonna take over. He’s gonna be the bigger rapper at the end of the day.’ I seen that, my boy would say, ‘Nah,’ and then I was just listening to The Blueprint 3 and Jay-Z when he say ‘He made Puff pass cause nobody could f*ck with Puff when Puff had it.'”

Props to sohh

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